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Friday, January 25, 2013

More about transport

Ok, i am back at the apartment already. Now i can continue with where i left off in the previous post.

There is a train station, or rather just a stop with platform, within walking distance from my office. It is not too far, just about 10 minutes of walk. However, to get there, i will have to cross a motorway without pedestrian crossing or traffic light, and then walk through a tunnel that hardly has anyone passes by. The walk from the tunnel to the motorway is near a dump site and it is quite smelly.

(I would have posted pictures of the train station and tunnel but i am using iPad to blog now. After i have gotten the broadband hooked up at my apartment unit, mom is using my laptop to watch Korean drama everyday. That is her only entertainment now.)

I had taken the train a few times when i just arrived and was staying at the apartment hotel temporarily. The train fare is cheaper at NZD2 per trip and has a higher frequency (every 20 minutes). Everytime i passed through the tunnel, i felt rather insecure as i had never seen anyone there before. In fact, hardly anyone alights at this stop because it is out of the city center. Despite that, i still continued taking the train until one day i had an encounter with a dead rat.

Whenever i gotta passed by the dump site, i would hold my breath and walk in a fast pace. Then one morning, i did the same but then saw a dead rat lying in the middle of the walk path. It was quite big and the corpse was still in its complete shape, which means that it probably just died on the previous night (and i didn't see it on my way back on the day before). I was quite disgusted by it and quickly ran pass it.

Then on the following two days, the dead rat was still there and i gotta ran pass it two times everyday. Somehow, the thought of seeing it decompose slowly day-by-day kinda freaked me out. And the train station was just beside the sea, with strong wind blowing all the time. I started to think to myself that no matter how fast i ran, the wind might just blow some diseases from the decomposed dead rat onto me. That was then i decided to stop taking the train and go for the bus instead, even though the fare is more costly.

Anyway, i really want to get a car the soonest possible. The other day i didn't get to view the car at all. The seller sms-ed me on the day itself and inform me that another buyer who viewed the car a week earlier had decided to buy it. Further search on the Web did not yield much satisfactory results. Now the question is whether i should increase by budget or continue to wait. I am leaning more towards the first choice but we will see how it goes.

On an unrelated note, it has been a hectic week for go-live support at the client's site. There were glitches here and there, mostly technical problems that have something to do with the network and server. Other than that, it has been a rather smooth project. Hopefully the client will be happy to pay when they see the invoices with the high charges.


Gee, i guess you have to really scale down the target, how about 1.3 or kelisa type if such car do market in NZ (do not sacrifice the color of choice coz you gotta stick to it for quite some time). Sometimes it's a bit bad feeling to discourage public trransport and ppl use to say public transport sux, badly maintained and poor in service when we ourselves is the factor that makes the company not profitable and also not sustainable. somemore rising cars in number to contribute traffic jam, parking space, oil price $$$, pollution, etc etc. ok ok, i';m not in position to say this - myself driving to work rather than taking bus/train (must be real discipline in MY) and even for ppl taking bus/train to work like in SG, the condition and situation is different. If web doesn't help, i guess you have to really approach second hand car dealers themselves. Probably some of the cars are not advertised on the web because the models are not popular or something. Hopefully this can really be resolved soon.

Rat is one thing but mentioning of the tunnel with less or nobody crossing in it is too much to consider for the route, especially being lady, asian and foreigner. Keep eyes open and stay vigilant Pin, especially in condition like this, and don't ever lax even for a moment. Somehow i think this could be sign for you not to use the tunnel anymore (poor rat being sacrificed). If you think it's wiser and safer to use the bus, opt for it and dont double think about it. you need to really make this as habit when it comes to the schedule .i admit sometimes it's difficult when it comes to being workaholic , and incident missing the bus can still happen even for extreme disciplined and punctual person but if that happens, it would be better to go for the cab instead - the extra more fee as punitive and kind a reminder. Sounds easy but kinda impractical, and losing free spirit if goes on like this which is not mentally good. I wonder if NZ has kinda cab charter service. argh, until you get a new car, gotta mental support you to take the bus, don't take the train. DON'T TAKE THE TRAIN! Does your company have VPN, or work can be done at home rather in office? Gee, i'm not advocating to bring work to home - home is home, work is work, but sometimes certain cases are kinda inevitable ... Remember, never work in office > 7 when you have to take bus! not all work can be finished in 1 day, and even do so it might not even meet the quality because of stress. Take time off to reflect to improve the process and efficiency so that next time it will be better performance. Strategic retreat you may call it ... Ganbatte Pin, stay positive and healthy. Look forward for good news, work and car. Cheers.

Please! NO TRAIN.
Safety comes first no matter how.

Hi... We migrated here in 1988 and I had worked at The Dominion editorial for a few years, believe me Wellington is not as safe as you think! Once upon a time Manners Mall and Cuba St were places to avoid after office hours!
Your description of walking to the railway station scare the heck out of me,PLEASE DO NOT DO IT! I do not know you but we are from Malaysia and we have daughters;are you talking about Petone railway station? Take the bus b4 u get a car. Please!

so Pin, you read it. Even weeekend already passed and the rat probably have gone, still, DON'T TAKE THE TRAIN! NO TRAIN, TAKE THE BUS instead!


Yes, I am taking the bus now. No more train for me.... it is way too scary.

To Anonymous in NZ, that once-upon-a-time story wasn't too pleasant for me, as I am staying somewhere in between the two places you mentioned. :( No wonder i hear siren every weekend. And I wasn't taling about Petone station...

Hi Pin Pin... Sorry my once-upon-a-time story is not too pleasant,what I trying to impress upon you is ALWAYS BE STREET WISE;compare to other countries,overall NZ is a very safe country; but like all big cities there are certain streets,certain time of the night that you do not want to be about.
Our daughter also flat in the city and i always remind her to be street smart... I suppose you know Friday night in town can get pretty rowdy, young Kiwis really over boozed themselves and thing can get really ugly.
The wee a.m. hours of Sat and Sunday when the drunks roam about,please don't go about if you don't have to.
Take care...
Anonymous in NZ :)

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