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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Random updates for the week

I am now blogging with my iPad again. Nowadays, i can only use my laptop in the late night, after mom has finished watching the Korean drama. The Telecom package i have subscribed costs NZD85 per month for a landline and 50GB of data. She is using 2GB on average every day now to watch those dramas online. I believe we will sure use over the cap. I have chosen in my package to have slower speed after exceeding the cap rather than paying for the extra usage.

The weather this week has been rather good. It has been sunny without rain but not too hot wither, with temperature hovering around 20C to 25C. I finally feel that this is more like summer. I could even start wearing short skirts without the thick pantyhose. However, i'm not sure how long this will last.

My hunt for a car hasn't been smooth. Saw one that fit my requirements on an auction site but it was auctioned off before i could do anything. For now, i will still stick to my budget and continue waiting for the right car even though i really hope to get one asap. Mom and i intend to visit car dealers this Saturday but we will have to take buses to go to the various places.

It hasn't been a smooth day at work either. The system was down for the project that has just gone live, and we could not get it up for the entire day. After spending the entire day troubleshooting, our IT guys found out that the problem was caused by issue with the network configuration, which was something not done by us but another vendor that the client engaged. The frustrating part was that we had reported the problem to that vendor in the morning but they conveniently pushed it to us simply because the users were not able to access our system while other applications were running fine. After going a big circle, we finally could prove to them that it was the server and network that were causing the problem, but that was after we wasted so many hours troubleshooting something that is not within our area of expertise, and also after one day of downtime when the client actually has a huge backlog to clear for the coming month-end closing. Sometimes i am really sick of dealing with IT vendors, forgetting that i am now at the same side of the fence too!

Anyway, i hope tomorrow will be a day that goes smoothly and with nice weather as well. After all, it is the first day of February. ;)

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hehe, and so, here it goes again - HAPPY BIRTHDAY, PinPin ! And here's a flash ecard for you
oh, the original resolution is 640 x480, you may view it here for better fit in size

i'm so worried if the background music out of sync, it happens on slower system somehow so hopefully the card played through without any glitch, and must stick to the page until the end. ok ok, before you dismiss for ripping off snoopy and angry birds and even birthday quotes, at least PinPin is original. Err, not entirely original because she has the face of manga and your avatar ... it's not that i wanted to "torture" you having hands sticking up without sign of exhaustion like that, ... i made mistake in animating the arms shifting the cards, sigh, that's the problem of doing the old fashion way drawing and tweening when there could be simpler way and embracing new technology. and it's flash somemore, so outdated and obsolete and cannot even played on ipad and it could be better if it's a video file instead. oops, why am i writing all these in such happy day?????

happy happy birthday to PinPin,
a day gotta be delighting,
from fresh startof the morning ,
carry on into the evening,
filled with chirpy feeling.

and hope you like my flash drawing :)

3 candles? well, it's a wish for you best in career, life in NZ and new happiness. ok, kinda make this up for the drawing. oh, if you look closely at the stars in the background, it's your zodiac. Like what's said in the card, hopefully it puts a smile on you and a great start with chirpiness today!

oh, lastly, if you read this in the morning before to work - DO NOT USE THE TRAIN. Not to mention also wish you success in your car hunting in weekend. Cheers and remember, 一定要对自己好啊 :).

Thanks Angel. That's very sweet of you to still spend time making me an electronic birthday card despite your busy schedule. :)

gee, why there isn't any post for the day ??? guess the card is not good enough to make you chirpy, hmmm, or, oh no ... don't tell something's happened similar to the christmas eve. argh, think too much already. Everything gotta be smooth sailing for the day :)

weil, i'm the one gotta thank you for letting this psace of yours to pour out what's locked inside me since childhood - comic and animation, though i must admit i'm still an amateur. gotta blame it on being stubborn doing things my own way, lack of perseverance and also procrastination. thee are really really bad attributes, so if you once had dream and pursuing something, start rediscovering it epsecially when you think you have had the avenue to achieve it before it's too late and it really then be ended up as just a dream. and coupled with encouragement and motivation, like a blogger friend once feeling sad and the desire to make her happy and funny again :)

oh, wish you success in the car hunting too. cheers, and be happy, Pin!

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