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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Job hunting

The hunt is on.

Uh huh, i've started looking for a new job. I'm not sure if it's too early to do it now since my bond with the company only ends in August. I wonder if the companies that are recruiting now can wait for me until September. Initially i thought starting my job hunt in June was probably the right timing -- sending out the applications in June, attend interviews in July, tender my resignation at end of July, and leave at the end of August. But then it seems to me now it's still early to do that.

I sent out two applications yesterday. Just about half an hour after i sent out the emails, one of the recruiters called me up for more details. I was obliged to inform her about my situation, and she immediately asked if there was any possibility for me to leave earlier. Apparently, it wasn't quite possible for her client to wait for three full months, or at least i didn't seem to be valuable enough to warrant such long wait. Anyway, she said she would still make a recommendation to her client, and they would ask for an interview if i were to be shortlisted. It has been quite a while since i last applied for a job and went for an interview, so i'll just take it as a warm-up.

From where i am now, it seems like a crusade for me to reach where i want to be. It's not gonna be easy, yes, i know that. Yet this time around, i'm not gonna change job just for the sake of changing. Not that i had always done that in all my previous jobs, but for some, i might not have thought through carefully due to my desire to leave a work place that i grew to loathe too much. I'm not young anymore and i'm so much behind other people who are about my age. I must start building up a career than merely getting a job. I've wasted too much time in my younger days, and i should waste no more.


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