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Monday, May 29, 2006

The past weekend

Nothing exciting happened on last Friday and over the weekend...

...except that i knocked the left side of my forehead and cheek (near the eye) against the car door on Friday. It was raining after work and i didn't have an umbrella with me. So in a hurry to rush into the car, i banged my face against the car door. Boy, it was painful. Now i got a bump on my forehead just above my left eye brow, and a small scar under my left eye.

...except that we've learnt how to use the driver in our last golf lesson at the driving range. The final two lessons will be at the golf course. Yay!

...except that 贝 and i watched The Da Vinci Code at the cinema. I don't have much comment on the movie, as i've not read the novel to compare it with the movie. Let's just say that the movie was entertaining but not much to shout about.

...except that mom brought back rice dumplings (zong zi) made by my aunt from Singapore. The rice dumplings were really tasty, but i gotta control myself from having too much, as glutinous rice isn't good for digestion.

Uh huh, it was a boring weekend.

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u should try to read the novel.
The movie is really less entertaining than the novel.
2 1/2 hrs is really not enough. all the puzzles seem too easy to solve in the movie :p

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