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Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Mother's Day celebration

The past Sunday marked the first time mom, 2nd aunt and i went to karaoke together, on my treat of course. It was my gift to mom on Mother's Day, and perhaps for aunt too since she has been like a mother to me.

The karaoke lounge, Red Box, had special arrangements for the occasion. Free flowers and meals were given to mothers. So i only spent RM20+ for an enjoyable 2.5 hours of singing with mom and aunt. We had a great time singing the oldies, and mom even sang a few pieces of Chinese operas (i was rather amazed at the variety of songs they had!).

After the karaoke session, aunt gave us a treat to a RM80+ lunch. So i guess i was the one who got the better end of the deal on this Mother's Day celebration. Hmm, i think we should do this more often.  

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