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Saturday, October 28, 2006

The last day at work

Finally, today is the day.

Early in the morning, a colleague (or rather, should be an ex-colleague now) asked me if i felt a sense of loss in leaving a place where i've been going to every weekday for almost two years. My answer to him was "you siao ah?". I've been waiting for this day for so long, so why would i be feeling sad about leaving? The only feeling i should have was ecstatic delight.

Uh huh, and that was exactly how i felt the whole day, well, almost.

At around 4.30pm, after i've sent out my farewell email and all set to do my exit clearance, the GM called me and asked me not to leave yet. He still had some urgent work for me to do. Yes, last minute job again. I was rather pissed and thought of ignoring him, since i didn't really have to care about what the management thought of me anymore and the last pay was already in my bank account. But then, being a responsible person that i am, i still stayed and finished up the work. So in the end i left the office at around 5.30pm as usual, unlike those who resigned and only worked for half-a-day on their last day in the company.

None of the management actually cared about today being my last day in the company. None of them called or replied to my farewell email to wish me luck or bid me goodbye. So that was the kind of appreciation i got in the end. They have always been saying how appreciative they were to the people who underwent the difficult times with them, but all were just lip service and nothing more. This has once again reaffirmed that i've made the right decision in leaving this f*cked-up company filled with f*cked-up management.

Of course, despite being such a lousy company, there are still some positive things that i'll miss working there:
  • The free lunch

  • The free and nice coffee brewed by an automatic coffee maker

  • The supposedly environmentally conscious work place

  • The freedom of coming in late and knocking off earlier

  • The freedom of not doing anything if i don't feel like so

  • Being the prettiest gal in the company Being the only expert in the company on the system and could say anything without anyone knowing if it was true

(I have actually taken some photos of the work place and a video clip of the coffee maker, but i'm too lazy to post it up. Will probably do it over the weekend.)

Anyway, i'll have four days of rest before the start of the new job. I must make sure that i take ample of rest and buck up for a new phase in my life.


Good luck to you on your new job ;-)

Thanks LP. Luck is exactly what i need the most now. ;)

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