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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Washing car, golfing, and raining

You know, there's this thing about washing cars and raining. I bet we all had this experience before when it was all sunny and it would start raining as soon as you started washing your car. Of course, as many have put it, Murphy's law isn't recursive. Washing your car in the hope to make it rain doesn't really work. If it does, we could just all wash our cars at the same time to make it rain and clear away the haze.

If washing the cars won't make it rain, try golfing. Well, perhaps the intention to go golfing is sufficient to make it rain. If it isn't the case, then i must be cursed. Otherwise, how could one explain why everytime we planned to have a game at the golf course, it would start raining?

Uh huh, yet again, it rained heavily yesterday and we gotta cancel our game. The stupid haze was disguising the dark cloud and i couldn't tell that it was about to rain. We left the house and as we were approaching the vicinity of Johor Jaya, it started pouring. When we reached the Daiman Golf Course, there was even thunder and lightning. So we called off the game and drove back home. In addition to the wasted time and fuel, get this, we just had our car washed the day before.

Ok, perhaps washing your car AND planning to go golfing make it rain. Darn!

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