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Friday, October 20, 2006

I'm a woman

Took the afternoon off today and went shopping with 贝. I spent SGD500+ in just half-a-day time. Amazing. It has been quite a while since i had a shopping spree like this. I thoroughly enjoyed it. So i am a woman after all.

Just less than two weeks to go and i'm gonna begin a new phase in my career. I thought it's high time for me to refurbish my wardrobe, you know, a new image for a new job. I haven't been buying any working attire for more than a year already since i couldn't be bothered with dressing up in a troubled company. I mean, what was the point? I was gonna slug through the day anyway, or do all the dirty job that no one else was doing.

But that made me feel so unfeminine sometimes. Which gal wouldn't wanna look good? I looked at the ladies on the streets, who all dressed up beautifully with the nice makeup and all. Then i looked at myself. Ok, i'm neat and tidy, but that's pretty much all that can be said about me. I hardly wear skirts and i don't know how to do a full makeup. I'm not sure if i can even call myself a woman.

Sometimes i really wonder why i can't just spend a bit more time on making myself look good, just like most gals do. A few years ago, before i hit the 30-year-old mark, being youthful was synonymous to being beautiful. Now, i'm grateful that i could still go out in bare face without scaring people. I'm not so sure if i would still be able to do that few years down the road.

So i guess it's either now or never. Call me vain if you want. All that i'm doing are just what most women have been doing all along. Finally.


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