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Thursday, October 01, 2009

Stop whining

So i'm back at my rented place already.

Ok, this made me look silly since i ranted about the postponement of the meeting, and now it actually finished earlier than planned.

Not long after we started the meeting, we felt the building shook. At first, i thought i was feeling giddy. Then big boss also felt it, so we went out of the meeting room and asked the other colleagues, who all felt it as well. We looked out of the window and could see the street lights shaking too.

It was then we realised that there must be an earthquake at Indonesia. True enough, after a while, we read the news that a serious earthquake with magnitude of close to 8.0 hit Southern Sumatra province. Accompanied the earthquake was of course the worry of a tsunami, which reminded us of the disaster back in year 2004.

While Philippines and Vietnam were struck by typhoon and urgently in need of relief effort, we now have yet another natural calamity in the region. My heart sank as i think about all the casualties from these disasters.

And i was there whining about my job... Really, i ought to be ashamed of myself. I am actually. I should be grateful for being in this part of the world, abled and living in comfort.

Granted, my frustration about this job taking my personal life away still stands -- just that i should stop complaining.


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