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Saturday, November 07, 2009

A note - love yourself

A friend posted this note on Facebook and i like it alot.

It won't work unless you are number one!

You can love your friends, your family, and you can love every stray dog or cat that crosses your path. However, you have to learn how to love yourself, like yourself and put yourself first before you will ever find the healthy, loving and lasting relationship you're looking for. Being number 1 means you can take care of yourself when no one else will, because there are times in our lives when we are all we have, and knowing that we can get through those times is not only reassuring but a really attractive quality.

If you take anything away from your Life experiences, it should be that you are defined by how you live your life, not whom you live it with, and certainly not by what you need to give up. Above all else, loving yourself means that you feel complete when you're on your own. Not only is that an extremely gratifying place to be emotionally, but it is also a very alluring quality when it comes to relationships.

Your emotional growth and well being should start with YOU, not someone else, and it should be FOR YOU. One of the great joys in life is getting to a place where you actually like yourself. Not the idea of who you think you are, or who you want to become, but the imperfect, awesome, living soul reading this sentence right now. And the only way to do any of this is by exploring yourself. That sounds kind of dirty, but it is meant to inspire.

Great accomplishments take time but are always worth the effort. Finding a way to love yourself isn't going to happen overnight, but realise this: the Superfox you were always meant to be is waiting to come shining through!

Sometimes, it is necessary to make changes in your life and perhaps even yourself (positively) so that you will be available and ready for the RIGHT relationship. Here's what we know for sure: Every relationship you ever have won't work out... until you find the one that does. And when you do find "the one", the difference that relationship and the others you've had before will be profound beyond belief.

I think this is something i should do -- love myself more.


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