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Thursday, November 05, 2009


I was supposed to go to KL next Monday for a training, and then stay over for another day to have discussion with my team. The flight ticket and hotel were all booked and confirmed.

Then today late evening before i left the office for my class, big boss told me to cancel the trip so that i can spend the following week in rushing an urgent task.

That task is something that i have dreaded and hoped like hell that it would not land on my lap. Well, i guess i should have prayed harder.

The story goes like this...

Our CIO called big boss this evening and wanted us to take over a task that had been done by the American counterpart. Basically it's the system design document that is close to 100 pages, which they had spent 2 months working on it. They just submitted to the CIO a few days back, and it was instantly rejected.

The CIO was very unhappy with the document, saying that it was of lousy quality. In fact, i had been helping the Americans to review the document many times -- so many times that i almost wanna puke when i was reading it for the 10th time or so.

For each of my review, i had provided a lot of feedback to them (some points were even highlighted repeatedly), but Americans being Americans -- you know, snobbish and all -- they shot down my suggestions and rebutted my queries and doubts.

Then the ironic part is this -- the CIO's comments and complaints about the document were exactly those that i had been telling them over and over again but was being ignored. I so wanna tell the Americans right in their face, loud and clear, "I TOLD YOU SO!"

And then, the CIO expected us to fix it, within a week's time! To make the matter worse, big boss told me that during his teleconference with the CIO and the other person-in-charge, he told them that i was an award-winning writer and hence i had high expectation and standard for all writings and documentations.

Ooookkkaaayyy, i have no idea where he got this "award winning" part. And heck, i'm not even a writer!

Yes, i've won some essay writing awards back in my highschool days (but it was a Chinese highschool!). Yes, i've had my Master's research paper published in a computer journal before. BUT that does NOT make me an "award-winning writer"! DUH!!!

Thanks and no thanks to big boss, they would now expect an excellent piece of work, and within such short time!

The stress is on me now. Darn!


Don’t put too much stress on yourself. Since you have highlighted all the points (which the Americans don’t take it up) you may use it now and submit in to your boss.
I think this can be an excellent piece of work and an opportunity to yourself. Think bout it..

能者多劳!哈哈!Try to ask for more time, you may be superwoman or award winner, still you need time right? Don't tarnish your "name"! And after this ASK for pay raise!!! You're so under pay!-LF

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