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Friday, November 06, 2009

Random updates

Got back late again today, at around 10.30pm.

Had a conference call with UK to go through the document that i was tasked to re-write. I've restructured the document in a more logical flow and submitted the proposal to the CIO and the others for review before i actually started writing it. My proposed structure was well received and the CIO was pleased with it. I am glad. Now what's left is getting down to actually write it.

Big boss asked us to take a group photo together today. The picture is for our company's Global IS conference that will be held in Dec in UK, and i was one of the participants and presenters. The HQ was asking for all IT personnel to contribute some photos, and big boss decided to send the department photo over.

Yet, he didn't inform us beforehand that we would be taking the picture today. I didn't dress up and looked haggard since i slept late last night. I was also standing at the wrong angle when the photo was taken, which made me looked fat.

Oh well, since i'll be attending the conference, at least they can see me in person and know that i'm not as fat as i look in the picture.

I am feeling hungry and tired now. Only had a few biscuits and a pear for dinner today. And sleeping late for a few nights consecutively is further draining the energy out of me.

It's Friday tomorrow and i should be happy that it's weekend again. Yet, this is gonna be an even more tiring weekend for me.

I have to attend the volunteering class on Saturday. Normally i would have stayed in SG if i have anything on for Saturday, but these two weeks will be exceptions.

My baptism class will commence this Sunday. Mom has completed hers and she hopes that i can complete mine too so that we can be baptised together on the same day. Since the church does not necessarily start a new baptism class every month (it depends on the number of participants), i'd better don't miss this round.

So this means that i gotta travel back to JB right after my volunteer class finishes on Saturday evening. Since mom will have to send me back to SG on Sunday, i do not want to tire her out by asking her to come in to SG to pick me up on Saturday evening. I am hence left with only one choice, which is to take the "yellow" bus back to Bukit Indah, and then mom will pick me up from there.

It has been years since i last took public transport from SG back to JB, and will also be the first time i'm going by the 2nd Link. Hmm, it's gonna be tiring, but interesting nonetheless.

I am having craving for potato chips, doughnuts and KFC. Uh huh, all these are sinful food, but happy food too. I tend to have craving for such food whenever i'm feeling down. Let's see if the guys are willing to have KFC for lunch tomorrow.

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Friend, feel glad for your achievement. So make sure you doll up during the presentation, and let the participants blame the photographer bad skill :p
Take care and Jia You! p(^^)q

Hello friend, what "achievement"? This is just doing a job well, that's all; hardly classifed as an "achievement" lah! :D

Well, to me it would be a GREAT achievement liao! Having finished it on time (the proposal)with a "pleased" remark, isn't it an achievement?

Do remember to ask for increment and promotion! Mmmmm...actually I would like to encourage you to strive your best for this report (10 pages right?) then use it as a bargaining tools to negotiate with your big boss! Let your performance be bounderless and shine beyond S'pore hahahahaha! Let him think that you are indispensable!!!!!

Baptism class! I salute your spirit! Some people would give excuse after all these commitment with work and volunteer class, yet you still press on! God's abundant rewards are awaiting for you, sister! May God's strength be enough to press you on during this period so that you will win this battle victoriously! Will pray for you, remember satan hates people who faithfully follow Christ, so you need a lot of prayer to cover you this period.

LF, it's not 10 pages but more than 100 pages, to be done within a week's time!

I am not putting high expectation on the annual increment actually -- higher the expectation, bigger the disappointment! Anyway, i will definitely take this chance to redeem myself from the few months' of non-productivity due to the unfortunate event.

Well, for the baptism class, frankly, i did have second thought about it at first because of the volunteering class, but then a message had been conveyed to us during the sermons for the past few Sundays (from different pastors!) -- do not procrastinate in our faith. And i do not wanna disappoint my mom either, since she hopes to be baptised together.

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