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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Cooking my own lunch

Mom has returned to Malaysia for about 4 days already. Since then, I have been waking up 45 minutes earlier every morning to prepare lunch.

No kidding, i actually cook my own lunch now, something that i've not done for many years. Mom has written some recipes for me before she left, and i also called her a few times to get some pointers from her about cooking. I must say that the result wasn't too bad.

Just to prove that i am not lying, here are pictures of my lunches for the past three days:

Monday, salmon fish and stir-fry veggie

Tuesday, chicken soup and fried egg

Wednesday, fried rice and veggie

Today i had mashed potato and sweetcorn, which i didn't bother to take pictures of.

Well, these of course could not compare with mom's cooking for the past two months, but they were good enough to fill my stomach in a healthy and economical way.

I seriously do not know how long i could sustain and whether or not laziness will soon get the better of me. I gotta spend time in the evening preparing the ingredients and waking up early in the morning to cook. That's putting a few good hours weekly in just preparing food when i could have simply made something simple like sandwiches or salad, or eating out (but expensive).

Let's see if i will still be bringing my own lunch a month from now. If by then i'm still doing it, then i'll post up some more pictures of my masterpiece. After all, if i were able to continue on with it, my cooking skill should improve by then and i'd really ought to be bragging about it.

Oh, and by the way, i've decided that Friday will be lunch-out day from now on, and so no cooking for tomorrow morning. That means more sleep, yay!

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wah, don't know that in NZ also able to buy rice. NZ is angmo country right, known as western but then located at the east.... don't worry Pin, you got your blog reader here to pester you to keep up the habit, haha. simple food can turn out to be nice nice delicious food too, moreover you're cooking the food you like one :). and it's gotta taste different for own cooked food than by someone else, no, no, what i mean is it certainly taste better for the effort spent, don't get wrong hor. you might want to spend a little time to do some research on how to prepare simple happy food, goal after goal, week after week, and don't just always thinking of work and work only. isn't it there's saying don't be lazy when it comes to food . cheers, let's see what are you gonna have for monday, yummy, yummy, yummy :)

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