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Monday, March 04, 2013

Expired air miles

I was upset (at myself) yesterday when i suddenly remembered something and then checked it out on SIA web site:

Uh huh, 24K miles expired in Feb and were deducted from my Krisflyer account. That's actually a lot of miles, and if i remember correctly, this should be accumulated from my business trips to USA about three years ago.

I have wanted to use my air miles to redeem an air ticket from Singapore to NZ. I bought a round-trip ticket when i flew here and am going back for holiday in August. I have yet to get the ticket for coming back to NZ. I still have enough air miles to redeem that ticket even after this deduction, but i could have used these 24K miles for one more ticket.

I totally only have myself to blame. Last month i did go online and check it out. I saw the air miles were expiring and told myself that i must remember to redeem the ticket before it expired. I couldn't do so online because SIA does not fly to Wellington directly; whether i transit from Auckland or Christchurch or Australia, the route is operated by other partner airlines of Star Alliance. To redeem non-SIA ticket, i would have to call customer service and cannot do it online. As such, i could only do so after work when i'm back at the apartment. But then, i totally forgot about it and only yesterday then i suddenly realised i had missed the deadline.

Sigh, what a price to pay for procrastination. Serve me right!

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Gee, you got ipad, Samsung note, Xperia mini and huawei and you still forgot !! Hope this not be the excuse to skip cooking own lunch hor (contrary, should enforcing it for the $$$$ lost).... Now you mentioned, hope your passport is ok too :) cheers.

Why not you give SIA a call to check if they let you make use of or extend the just-expired points? for my credit card points, if the points that has just expired, they'll still let me use it within a grace period.

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