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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

First felt tremour

Last night at around 9:30pm, as i was sitting by my desk replying comments on FB, i suddenly felt a mild tremour; the feeling was as if i was sitting on a shaky boat. It lasted for a very short time only, something like 2 or 3 seconds. At first i thought i was feeling dizzy (since i am rather tired lately), but then when i looked at the water jar that was placed on the counter top at the kitchen, i saw the water wobbling. That was when i realised that there was an earthquake.

I then checked a website that keeps track of earthquake in NZ. Indeed, there was a mild earthquake at a place in south island (about 100+km from Wellington).

Actually after i came here since November, there had been two or three instances of earthquake that were felt in Wellington but most happened at odd hours and when i was fast asleep and didn't feel it. Hence this was the first time i actually felt the tremour.

Wellington is a city lies right on the fault lines and has the highest risk of a major earthquake in NZ. There are hundreds (if not more) of earthquakes every year around Wellington but most are not felt. I knew about this facts even before i came here, and i do wonder sometimes why i actually came to a place with such high risk of earthquake.

One of the important things that everyone and every household in Wellington (or rather, the entire NZ) must have is the disaster survival kit. There are civil defence websites and courses that provide guidance on what to prepare and what to do when disaster strikes. I have read the guides on the websites, but then for a person who grew up in a country that is relatively free of natural disasters, i think i'd switch to panic mode and all the theories will simply fly out the window when it really happens.

It is recommended that we have the survival kit at home, at workplace and also in the car. This means that i'd have to prepare three sets. There are a lot of stuff to be prepared for a complete survival kit, and it should last a person for three days or more. I have wanted to put together the kits but never got around doing it. Till now, i still have not assemble at least one for home. Of course, the quick way is to buy some ready-packed survival kit and save me the trouble from sourcing the items myself. Such ready-packed kit is of course more expensive than assembling one ourselves.

My friends have been bashing me for procrastinating this, as disaster may strike anytime when we are least expected (and least ready). Yes, i know, i seriously need a good smacking for not doing it.

Yesterday the small episode is kinda like a reminder to me, and i really MUST MUST MUST get one ready at home. I should at least get ready some of the essential stuff first (such as water, non-perishable food, torch light, radio, blanket/sleeping bag, first-aid kit, toilet paper and plastic bags), and then assemble a more complete one as i go along.

Alright, this coming long weekend is a good time to get this done.

(Yes, there will be four days of rest after tomorrow - Good Friday and Easter Monday. Am really looking forward to it!)

Updated: Just after i published this post, i read the news online and came to know that Taiwan just had a magnitude-6.1 earthquake today. Now that's another reminder for me!

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glad you are ok Pin. such emergency preparedness shouldn't be taken lightly. it can be only "hope" disasters do not strike, no, no, i'm not cursing overhere. it's like one need to be aware for the toilets around (and papers too) in case if a diarrhoea would strike surprisingly. hmm bad example, natural disaster is an unpredictable event .. you have been using procrastination word for quite number of times already but when it comes to this you SHOULD NOT dilly-dally about it. gotta make sure you do have big torchlight(s) and don't rely on smartphones lights. in fact, it's not wise to lump everything on smart devices like radio, camera, etc when the battery conservation is vital for communication purpose. and do have some spare dry batteries around too. not only that, tools are important too e.g srcewdrivers, pliers, cutters, hammers though you are not using them regularly. a small fire extinguisher would be good too, if you chance upon one. water and food needed to be replaced regularly so even if you stock them, you need to be diligently maintain them too hor. i remember come across photos of japanese kids trained to hide under the table when there's earthquake. but for staying in apartment, i would opt to dash for emergency staircase and run for the open air ground, hmm ... if the kit is too big, wouldn't it'll be heavy for you carry around then, or to be kept inside a bag??

enjoy the weekend Pin, happy holidays to you. gotta take the opportunity to explore more about NZ :). cheers.

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