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Sunday, March 24, 2013


Since i came to NZ, i haven't been blogging as regularly as i've hoped. There is no excuse of being busy at work, and frankly it was because i simply wasn't in the mood to do so.

I'd blame it on the weather this time - yes, autumn is here and the temperature is dropping. I've even switched on the heater for a few nights this week.

Besides that, i have been feeling lethargic over these two weeks. The new project was entering critical stage and I was conducting training at the client's site for four days over the two weeks. The system will be going live on 8-Apr. This project is a rather simple one and we do not expect much issues with it. I do not think work has anything to do with my fatigue.

I think there are three main reasons of why i am feeling tired all the time.

Firstly, it is the quantity and quality of sleep. I have been sleeping late and waking up early. I'm only getting on average about 5 hours of sleep each day. There is no particular reason why i do not sleep earlier; it is purely a bad habit. Then, i'm also not getting good sleep at night because of the soft mattress. I wake up every morning having back and neck aches, and feeling not having a well-rested night at all. The mattress does not have a good support and it kinda aggravates my spinal problem. I have had two instances of neck and shoulders ache induced migraine since i came here. As my rented apartment is fully furnished and this mattress came with it, i am not sure if i could ask the landlord to remove it and get my own mattress.

Next, i think my deteriorating eye sight also contributed to my exhaustion. Both my job and leisure activities involved staring at the computer or tablet screens for extended hours. With the age catching up and long hours of wearing contact lenses, my eyes are ageing like a 50 years old person. Recently i'm starting to get blurred vision, especially on my right eye. I think the myopia or astigmatism for that right eye has worsened. This problem strains my eyes and i'd feel more tired as usual after staring at the computer screen for the whole day.

Lastly, it is back to the same old issue of not exercising. Now that i have a car, i don't even have to walk much anymore. With my job nature of just sitting in front of the computer all day, i'd say more than 3/4 of my day is spent on inactive physical motion. My metabolism is slow and knowing that, i control my food intake to keep my weight at optimal level, but then that will also cause tiredness especially in cold weather.

Ok, i know, i know. None of the above could not be resolved by me taking positive actions to change it. Again, i have no excuse but simply bad habit, procrastination and laziness.

Well, i can start by going to bed now, as it is already late and i'm feeling hungry!


Er, you should get some light supper before going to bed if you feel hungry, it's really not good to go to bed with stomach growling like that. I think it is more because of dietary (more Vitamin A, Pin) and also lack of quality sleep that are causing you in current state. There is psychological reason too to add in, if you keep thinking yourself weak and unhealthy, you are actually encouraging it - mind over matter. I would suggest to cut coffee intake, but then this could be a bad idea - you might end up doze off and being subconscious in work, sigh. If you think you are right, I think you should go for it to get the right mattress (unless the bed and matress come in together) otherwise you are continue aggravating yourself , which is not a right thing to do. A good sleep replenishes physical and mental energy need for tomorrow day, a happy one too. As for lacking of exercise, gotta make habit to clean the apartment every week hor, not only you'll get physical motion but also reward of nice clean comfy healthy apartment to live in. No pain no gain, but it's not really pain after all. Stay healthy, Pin, don't stress yourself in work and making everyone worried. Cheers.

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