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Thursday, April 25, 2013

Embarrassing politicians

It's public holiday today - ANZAC Day.

Public holidays are the days when i could sleep until i wake up on my own without an alarm clock. Even on Saturday, i gotta get up before 10am, for a reason that i will share in another post. So, today would have been a much looked forward day for me because i long for days when i could just sleep till noon time. Too bad that today i couldn't do that; i still gotta wake up early as i was helping a church sister to move; she and her family were moving from city centre to suburb, and a few of us from the church went to help out.

Anyway, i didn't go with them to her new place and actually came back earlier, for i have other appointments in the afternoon. Then i had actually planned to use the free time to catch up on my blogging, for i know that i've not been updating the blog as regularly as i've hoped.

However, procrastination got the better of me, yet again. After i got back from the appointment in the evening, i thought there were still plenty of time and decided to lie on bed and checked my FB on the iPad. But then, i couldn't stop once i started. Nowadays, my FB updates are flooded with news, video clips and articles about the coming election. It takes longer than usual to check my FB updates now.

Speaking of which - though i have said i'm not gonna write about politics, i still couldn't help but gotta write about this - i could not understand at all why any election candidates would wanna sing a stupid song and even recorded a MV for it, when the song has absolutely nothing to do with the election at all. I only watched the first 30 seconds of the MV and couldn't continue on anymore. It was simply too painful to see a bunch of people who are campaigning to govern our country making a fool of themselves and yet feeling nothing wrong with it. I felt embarrassed by and for them.

In case you have no idea what the heck i am talking about, check out the MV here (kudos to you if you can watch it from start to end): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qS8-ro2n6X4

(I am not gonna embed the YouTube video here to pollute my blog site.)

Seriously, what does having the ability to sing (and acting like a bunch of clowns) gotta do with governing the country at all? Are they gonna sing their way out of the woes that the country is facing now?

Picture this in your head - imagine that when the police is asking rasuah from you, then you start singing "Love is in the Air" to the police and then everything will be fine and the police just let you go; or when a robber is pointing a knife at you demanding for all the valuables from you, you start singing "Love is in the Air" to the robber and then he just turn over a new leaf there and then. Then flowers will blossom and rainbow will come out; our country's debt turned into reserves and racial discrimination vanishes into the thin air.

If all the singing can really do all these, i am willing to watch all the MVs over and over again for a million times even if it's gonna kill me.

Ok, enough of this bashing already. I am so not gonna join the crowd in writing about politics here.

Anyway, i must really really really do a few important updates... so i guess i have a plan for this weekend already!

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that's what the elitism had crept deep into them liao - sing song whilst the rakyat's suffering. or is it "nero fiddles while rome's burning"... cool down cool down, they might have accepted the political reality and so why not have some fun first before got thrashed in every contest ... srsly, what is wrong with their PR machinery, or it 's true they have nothing good to show after all. so shame ...

well, i purposely played devil advocate among my the colleagues, the challenger in my constituency is a social activist donated her liver to save stranger before came into politic, and the incumbent is a hardworking opposition well versed with economy. and there's another "winnable candidate" in another constituency contested as independent. all have resounded between individual and party, party will have to come first. time to get serious to change the nation for the better. enough is enough, 50+ years have been lost and it's time to right the err from further slump. and today in pacaba meeting, you might be even surprised instead of traditional cross, a circle or tick is acceptable as support vote. and there are other rules changed too - the new indelible ink.

oh, 五月五,换政府. but not selangor one, penang also ... cheers.

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