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Saturday, April 06, 2013


A couple of days ago, the DJ on radio said that this weekend is a "long weekend" - that is longer by an hour.

Uh huh, tonight will be the end of daylight saving and we will be adjusting our clock backward by an hour.

So in a way, we gain one hour extra, well, at least for now until September when we will lose that one hour again. This means that we will be just four hours ahead of Malaysia from now on.

I guess this really marks the end of summer and we are entering the cold seasons. The weather is getting colder as autumn is approaching. I am having cold feet and hands everyday. Now i gotta turn on the new small heater every night.

I think i have not mentioned about the heater before. Unlike most countries with four seasons (such as North America), majority of the buildings here do not come with built-in heating. We would need to buy or install heaters on our own. I had been looking for heaters since i came here because i knew that i'd definitely need it when the season changed, but heaters are normally not sold during summer time.

Then last month, i went shopping and saw that the heaters were all out on display already. There are many different types and sizes of heaters. I didn't know how cold it would be and hence i bought a small 5-fin oil heater, thinking that it would be enough for the small apartment that i am staying in. Oh boy, was i wrong or what. There was practically no effect at all when i had the heater on in the living room. I then moved the heater into the small bedroom and switched it on before i am going to bed. I think i'd need another stronger one in the living room.

It is also about time that i unpack the thick clothing from my luggage and put the summer ones into the luggage instead. If there is anything i look forward to about the cold seasons, it will definitely be the outfits. I do love autumn and winter fashion, especially the mufflers, winter coats/jackets and boots. Even back in Malaysia and Singapore, layering my outfits is the style i love the most, as it gives a chic and cool look. I also love wearing boots. However, the weather is a tad too hot there for such styles. Now i can wear it all i like!


Well it gets you a heater in the room so you will not gonna catch cold in the middle of the night. And, gee, i can see the multilayer jackets and coats nice and cool style, but the laundry ...

Take care Pin, don't get yourself down with cold hor, you gotta stay in top form for coming week. Ganbatte pin, all the best for your go live system. Cheers :).

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