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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Air miles redeemed

Last month, I mentioned about my expired air miles due to my oversight.

Then what i didn't mention was that i managed to get the expired miles restored!

Of course, it did not come free. Krisflyer deducted 6,000 air miles for this restoration, but i guess it is better than nothing.

I called Krisflyer customer service to ask for the restoration and also to redeem an air ticket. I redeemed 32,500 air miles for a ticket from Singapore to Christchurch and Christchurch to Wellington. I still had to pay SGD198.50 for the airport taxes.

Uh huh, I am going home for a three-week holiday at end July. When i booked my ticket to come here, i purchased a round-trip ticket (paid by the company as part of my relocation allowance). So i just needed to get another one-way ticket to fly back here.

I would be departing Wellington to Auckland on 26/7 evening and will be arriving in Singapore on 27/7 (Saturday) early morning. My returning flight is on 17/8 (Saturday) evening and will arrive in Wellington on 18/8 afternoon. As it is a Sunday, I am taking the following Monday off to rest, as i expect i'd sure experience jet lag.

Now, if you are wondering whether or not i am flying back in May for the election, the answer is "no". This will be elaborated in another post.

On an unrelated note, the system go-live went on smoothly. In fact, it was one of the simplest and smoothest system implementation i've ever had despite it being the latest release that is very new to everyone and i was learning and implementing as i go along.

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Wah, gotta make full use and enjoy the holiday hor, every single minute of it, girl. I'm sure it'll gonna be a great great reunion especially in conjunction with your hi school 100th birthday. I remember that you mentioned you might miss it, cross finger-eh. Don't forget to blog about it, looking forward to it :)

Oh, congrats to the go-live bring up, really glad to read it was the all smooth one. But don't get to be complacent hor. The success must be due to good planning and excellent execution, so keep it up, Pin. And, gosh, you slept so late like this, did you missing church the next day .... Cheers.

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