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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Bitten badly

It hasn't been a good week for me. Nuh-uh, not a good week at all.

Besides continuing with my hunt for a new place and to no avail, i am also suffering physically and somewhat mentally too.

Let me show you why (sorry if this picture grosses you out):

Uh huh, i was badly bitten on both my legs and this is the more serious one. This happened since last Wednesday. I seriously can't tell for sure what insect it was though i highly suspect that it is bed bugs.

If it indeed is bed bugs, i really have no idea how they came about. I have kept the apartment clean and i've been sleeping on that bed for almost six months without any such problem. I'm not sure why suddenly these bugs would appear and feasted on my blood in the nights. Those bites are super duper itchy, and i was doing my best not to scratch it lest there would be scars, or worse, infection if i wound myself through scratching. I could still control myself in the day, but it would be quite a challenge to do the same while i am sleeping. Hence i haven't been sleeping well, as my mind could not be at complete rest, worrying that i would scratch myself too much.

In addition to suffering from the itchiness, i am also quite stressed because of this. I've always been a bit of a cleanliness freak and i am afraid of crawling insects. Now that i've been badly bitten in this apartment, it kinda made me feel very uncomfortable to be staying in the same space as those bugs, not knowing where they are and when they would attack me again.

I am also very worried about the possible scars as a result of all these bites. After all, i am not young anymore and it would take longer time for scars to fade off, if at all. I have been looking forward to wearing my shorts and miniskirts in another two months when i'm back in Malaysia for holiday. Now that this happens, i am really not sure if i'd be able to expose my legs anymore.

Even though i have fat legs, at least there weren't any excessive scars and i love wearing shorts in hot weather. I would be really sad if i gotta hide my legs from now on.

Here's a picture taken at Putrajaya a year or so ago. I would have no problem wearing short skirts to enjoy the breeze.

Now, they just look horrible! *sob sob*

I am doing all i can to treat these bites. Since the weather is cold now, i take hot bath every night but hot water will only stimulate the itchiness. To counter this, i'd wipe the legs with Dettol in cold water after the hot bath. Then i'm also applying antiseptic cream, ointment, aloe vera gel and tea tree oil. The itchiness is getting better now even though the rashes do not seem to be subsiding much. There were also blisters formed on the bitten spots, and i am hoping the tea tree oil would dry them up.

My colleague was also kind enough to lend me an air bed so that i do not have to sleep on that bed and continue to be feasted on every night. I will be sleeping in the living room until i move.

The problem is that we are going into winter season soon, and it is getting colder each day. In fact, today was the coldest days so far, and my boss told me that it hardly gets this cold even in winter time.

Notice that the temperature felt like 2C and the southerly wind was gusting at 80+ km/h. Uh huh, as i am typing this, i could hear the wuthering wind outside and the sound of windows shaking.

(In case you are not aware, it is extremely cold when we get the southerly. This is the wind blowing from the Antarctica, bring super cold air to the land.)

I only have a small heater that i bought for the small bedroom, and it isn't powerful enough to heat up the living room. I was awaken by the cold air in the middle of last night, and i think tonight isn't gonna be any better. In fact, my hands are icy cold now.

Anyway, i am just counting down the days now and looking forward to move out quickly - but first, i gotta find a new place to move to. Hopefully there will be good news soon.


it sure gonna look terrible for short skirt, huh, but now it's winter mah. so it'll be ok hor and dont sob sob there and distract you from the apartment hunt :). gee, this must be "winter bug" that only crawls out in the cold season, OR, your diet is overly nutritious already to attract the bug. (i dont want to put the bad thought like forgetting to change the bedsheet, oops). the bug foresees you wanna move out liao, so suck nice nice meal before lose the chance forever lor. ok ok, don't worry too much Pin, it'll be healed if you diligently apply ointment and mind power over it. and you can make it in 2 months time, so DONT EVER be stressed on this. If you feel uncomfortable, how about visiting doctor for consultation? Is it possible to move the bed out temporary and replace with the airbed instead? gosh, i think you have to wear a heavy thick sweater, glove and stocking for bed (dont tell you wear shorts and that's why the bugs got you). Don't know to be envious or not, kl is super hot, argh, it's real torture without air conditioning, even at night.

please don't really be stressed on the bites, Pin. Wish you the best for your hunt, and work too. nice photo of large perspective background, but you looked small, overshadowed, what's more, obscured by the size. oh well, you did that on purpose. cheers :)

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