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Monday, May 13, 2013

View from the living room

Here's a photo i took from my apartment when i got back from work today.

It was around 6:45pm. Now that we are in autumn, the sun starts to set at around 5pm+ and it would be dark already by 6pm.

This is the view i have when i look out of the window from the living room. If you look closely, you can see that the two buildings are actually office blocks.

Uh huh, that is how centre my place is. In fact, i am now staying within the CBD zone.

This is a prelude of what I will be writing about in my next post.

On an unrelated note, my iPad is working again, but of course I would have to reinstall all the apps and also i lost some of the stuff i have downloaded (such as comics).


it's may already! hmm, seems like you really decided to move to new place already ^_^. oh, on the ipad i just noticed the default search engine is no longer google liao. looks apple is really going to retaliate in full mode, no more youtube, maps and now search engine. cheers, look forward for good news from you, especially in new apartment (finger cross hor).

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