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Friday, May 03, 2013

Counting down to a miracle

I am just gonna do a quick update here before I go to bed.

I was blogging half way last night and decided to check out my FB. Then when I finished going through all the wall posts from my FB friends, it was almost mid night already. It was the same today.

Uh huh, nowadays I'd have to spend at least three hours every night to check my FB. Last time it would probably take me a hour or so. There are simply too many posts about the election and it really takes a long time to go through all of them.

Since I can't exercise my right as a citizen this time and I'm also far away from all the excitement at my home country, the only way that I can still be part of this reform movement is through the Web. Of course, I know some stuff on the Web may be untrue and we'd have to be careful in discerning the untruths and truths, and take most things we read with a pinch of salt.

Anyway, there are only two more days to go. I'd be anxiously waiting for a miracle at this far away land, for Malaysia seriously does need a miracle desperately. I have also pinned some of my future decisions on the outcome of the election. Lets just hope that I'd have the chance to pop the champagne here next week when the poll result is in.

I will be praying hard.



let's hope miracle indeed will happen, and your coming reunion gonna be one most memorable one! cheers.

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