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Wednesday, May 08, 2013

Restore my iPad

Ok, so there was no champagne because there was no miracle.

There was no tears either. I guess that was because it was something i had expected and when something you have expected indeed happens, there really isn't much to cry about.

Well, if you are expecting a post ranting about the election result, then sorry to disappoint you, as the above two paragraphs are all that i am gonna write about the elections and nothing more. Much have already been written and spoken all over the Internet - in fact, a tad too much i think. I have also expressed my feeling and opinion on FB as well as to my friends. To be frank, i am a bit sick of it already, and so i am just not gonna jump on the bandwagon and start to rant about it too.

As i've mentioned before, i am not gonna write politics on this blog. This blog is for nonsensical, meaningless and pointless trivia of my boring life. It is all about me me me me me. If you wanna read anything about politics, just google for it.

Alright, now that we have that out of the way, let's move on to the... well, what else but the nonsensical, meaningless and pointless trivia of my boring life! (It is still not to late to stop reading, you know...)

Now, as i am typing this, i am restoring my iPad at the same time. It is rather upsetting, for i'd lose all the apps and downloads i had on my iPad.

Basically, i do not have a backup of my iPad in iTunes (yes, it was a grave mistake but there was a reason to it). I do have some portion of the backup in iCloud (dated 12/4) but i think the backup does not have all my apps and downloads because of the space limitation.

Since i upgraded the iOS on my iPad (i performed the upgrade without using iTunes), it has been responding slowly and sometimes even freezes. Yesterday, i was also prompted with a warning that my iPad is running out of space. So i decided that i must really sync my iPad to iTunes.

Then today, i installed iTunes on my laptop and attempted to sync and backup my iPad (doing it for the first time since i got my iPad), but it kept failing. Eventually the iPad just got stuck at the Apple logo screen and would not start anymore. I had no choice but to perform a restore via iTunes, but that essentially means that whatever i had on my iPad would be wiped out.

Now i just hope that the restore will go well so that i can still use the iPad without problem. I wouldn't mind downloading all the apps and comics and musics again, as long as it is still useable!


Check it out, there's massive rally in Kelana jaya, the crowd continues pouring in even after 9, waving flags and chanting .... Oops, enuf is enuf, life goes on ...

Hmm, I never know ipad is that bad. Since mr jobs passed away, the quality is just getting worse and worse. Sigh, apple = mr jobs and cannot do without the other. Well, good luck in the restoring. I don't think it will wipe out the data, maybe the apps (finger cross). Gee, I don't dare to experiment your situation on my ipad ler, I have stopped to upgrade any iOS, the last upgrade has removed my fav youtube app and vowed never do upgrade again. Don't get frus because of this hor, especially when pr already lost johor, oops ...

Cheers, and wish work has been all smooth sailing :)

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