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Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Good and bad news

Ok, let's start with a good news first - I've finally found a new place. Well, it isn't really ideal but then after having viewed more than 10 places over almost three weeks and with time running out, I can't be that picky anymore.

The new place is a property with four flats in a town-house like unit. I'm going to stay in one of the lower flats and because the property is on a slope, the bedroom is somewhat lower than ground level even though the living room is on ground level. This made the bedroom quite humid, especially where the property is located in an area that is on higher ground and colder. The flat is not furnished but does come with whiteware and a dehumidifier. I'll have to buy quite a lot of stuff such as a bed, sofa, tables, kitchen utensils and other household stuff.

The good thing about the flat is that it comes with a designated parking space. It is also located near the city centre yet not within CBD area. The rent is about the same as what i am paying now - just NZD5/week cheaper than now. My lease starts this coming Saturday, and I intend to use the weekend to move even though my lease with the current apartment ends on next Tuesday.

Actually I can't wait to move out... as here comes the bad news - I am (still) suffering from the red itchy rashes. Despite moving to sleep at the living room and washed & sanitised my bed sheets, pillows and duvet, I am still seeing new spots every day. Now the worst part is that I am starting to get the spots on shoulders, neck, some parts of my body, arms and hands.

I am now starting to doubt the cause of these rashes. I do not think those are bed bugs bites anymore. It may probably be other insects such as fleas or carpet beetles, or perhaps may not be insect bites at all. As the apartment is getting quite damp (since I didn't open the windows much to air the apartment due to the weather turning cold and the condensations built up inside the unit), I may be getting some skin infections or allergies.

The odd thing about the rashes is that it will start with an itch at a certain spot without any visible bump or redness. Then after I scratched it, a tiny red bump or tiny puncture will be seen. After a day or two, there will be blister at that spot and red raised weld will form around the blister (probably result from the scratching). Then the spot will be extremely itchy for days or even weeks.

Here are pictures of the blisters on my hand and arm (to gross you out again):

As you can see from the pictures, there are a few spots with the blisters already punctured. These may be due to my scratching or after the hot shower. Uh huh, I noticed that the blisters will sometimes pop by themselves with hot water.

Since I can't be sure if these are caused by pests or not, I would rather be safe than sorry. I'm now sanitising all clothes before I wear, even if that means an exceptionally high power bill for month.

I am really suffering, both physically and mentally, from this condition of unexplainable rashes. I haven't been sleeping well at all. The over-the-counter medication that i bought from the pharmacy and have taken for more than four days didn't seem to have any effect at all. Same with all the cream or ointment that I've been applying - didn't help to stop the itch.

Anyway, I'm going to see a doctor tomorrow. I've hoped to be able to avoid that since the medical bill is gonna be super expensive for me here, but now I'm at my wit's end already. I'd have to spend the money to fix the problem. Now I just hope that the doctor can indeed diagnose the condition and put me out of this misery soon.


Gosh, could it be related with your diet, food you have eaten? Or chicken pox. Don't hesitate anymore to visit doctor for the antibiotics. Gotta recover soon becoming pretty again, and dont get stressed - everything will be ok hor :). Cheers.

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