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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

New rented flat

The past week has been crazy and filled with ups and downs. The emotional roller coaster ride will have to be left for another day, as I can only do a quick update now.

This week will continue to be hectic, as I've just moved in to the new flat and tonight is the second night here. I've not bought any furniture yet and hence am still sleeping on the air bed. I've also not had time to clean and tidy the entire flat. The place is like a war zone now. Just look at how messy the living room is:

(In case you are wondering, I did not buy any of the stuff shown on the boxes. These are boxes I borrowed from my colleagues for moving stuff and will be returned to him after I'm done.)

I can only tidy up the place bit-by-bit every day after work, and the coming weekend is gonna be spent  on house chores and shopping. There are lots of stuff to buy, which I do enjoy shopping except that it's gonna burn a big hole in my pocket.

I had briefly cleaned the previous apartment today after work and will be retuning the keys to the building management tomorrow even though my lease officially ends on 12/6.

Oh, and I gotta mention that I totally enjoy the designated parking now. No more hunting for car park after work or rushing to wake up in the morning. The down side is that precisely because of not needing to rush for the morning parking time, I didn't have the motivation to wake up this morning and ended up taking half-day leave today (well, I meant Monday since it is past midnight already).

This flat is not well insulated and the windows aren't double glazed either. That makes the flat colder than the previous apartment and hence my first night here wasn't that good. I kept waking up due to the cold temperature. I gotta get myself a more powerful heater this weekend!

Congratulations! And don't burn too deep your pocket hor. Cheers ^_^

(Oh, hope the bite all subsided liao ...)

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