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Monday, July 22, 2013

Shaken by strong earthquake

This has been the longest time lapse between posts since i started my blog.

There are many reasons why i have been on a blogging hiatus (without giving any notice) and i've planned to write a different post when i do blog again... until this happened yesterday.

Uh huh, i guess the news should have been reported internationally by now. We were hit by a rather strong earthquake yesterday after a swarm of minor ones starting on Friday. Just Google for news on "earthquake NZ" and you will see lots of news articles and photos on the quake.

All i wanna say is that I am fine and there was no damage at my rented place, but that big one really scared the hell out of me. I was very shaken (no pun intended) and couldn't sleep well last night. In fact, there were and still are constant aftershocks going on and i was awaken by a few too last night, after which i could hardly go back to sleep anymore.

I just hope the 6.5 magnitude one was the only big one and there shall be no more, but then earthquake is really unpredictable and no one can say for sure. Well, isn't everything in life the same too?

Anyway, my 3-week holiday will start this weekend. I will be flying back on Wellington-Auckland-Singapore route on Friday night. Will touch down in Singapore on Saturday. Even though i don't particularly look forward to the hot weather back in Singapore and Malaysia, i do look forward to having a break from the stress of worrying about when the next earthquake may strike again. Oh, of course, not to forget about all the delicious food and my dear family and friends too.

Counting down eagerly.

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Welcome Home, my dear.

Welcome back! Hope you have recovered from the bites ^_^. Enjoy the holiday to the fullest, cheers.

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