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Thursday, August 22, 2013

Away and back

I am now at Christchurch International Airport, waiting to board the 2:30pm flight back to Wellington.

Uh huh, an originally 3-week holiday back home was extended to almost 4 weeks instead because of an unexpected incident.

My 95-year-old grandma passed away on the day before my supposed return. I had to extended my leave for the funeral. The family was sad yet comforted because we knew that she is now reunited with my grandpa and our Heavenly Father; she is now at a better place where there is only joy.

Despite the passing of my beloved grandma, the holiday has been awesome. Our high-school centennial celebration had been fun; the meeting-ups with friends were great; the family felt closer than ever through the funeral; the food was fantastic (let's not talk about the extra pounds that i gained as a result of it). 

In fact, the past few weeks had been so memorable that i didn't really feel like coming back. I am sure i'm gonna miss my family and friends dearly when i gotta spend another year alone here in NZ.

Anyway, the lack of updates on this blog is a sign to something that has been going through my mind for quite a while. There is this ONE post that i wanna write but i gotta organise my thoughts properly. Hopefully i can get down to writing it before end of this week, since i will only be back to work on next Monday and i should have plenty of time to do so -- that is if i am not caught in my horrible habit of procrastinating again.

Yet, i do dread the house chores that are waiting for me at my rented flat. After being vacant for one month and also a couple of earthquakes while i away, i bet the flat will require quite some tidying and cleaning. Argh.


wah, long time no update already. aha, take the chores of tidying your home as a momentum building before work, warm up exercise. and the energy burning for the "extra pound" - don't be-lah that lazy and negative thinking, hehe. of course, don't stretch yourself too much and then use it as excuse to become degenerative at work few days ahead hor. hey, set back the ALARM CLOCK for MONDAY MORNING! glad to know the holiday was fun and great, and you really managed to join the centennial celebration of your school - deserve a pat pat. surely these nice memories are not gonna flushed away when they are already in the ipad and fb. look forward for the stories about them. cheers, and again, you are not alone :)

I'm all but certain you are still thinking, but there are some of us stuck out here in the ether wishing you were still writing!


~Chuck in Colorado

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