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Thursday, November 02, 2006

First day at work

贝 sat for his Basic Driving Theory Test in Singapore today and he passed. He said he completed the test in just 15 minutes. So he studying till 2am last night has paid off.

After having gone through so many first-day-at-work, today was the most memorable, but in a bad way.

I had the most embarrassing moment in my life today.

The location of the new work place is rather remote and lunch wasn't provided as in my previous job. The company has an arrangement for a bus sending employees to different hawker centers each day for lunch. And so i followed my colleagues today and went out for lunch on the bus.

After the bus stopped at a bus stop and as i was getting down the stairs of the bus, i slipped and fell to the ground. The heel of one of my shoes broke and a colleague actually picked it up for me. What's worse was that there were a full load of colleagues on that bus and a full crowd of strangers at the bus stop, all staring at me making a fool of myself. I swear that i saw some amused looks on some of those unfamiliar faces.

And my reaction at that time other than being mortified? I so wanna die on the spot.  

Gee, i guess i've sure made myself noticed. Perhaps i could just introduce myself to the colleagues from now on by saying, "Hi, i'm the new colleague who fell from the bus on my first day at work. Nice to meet you and feel free to laugh at me." Well, at least it serves my intention of leaving an impression on my new colleagues, and now they have another thing to chat about during lunch. Darn!

Pardon me for being such a drama queen, but why oh why was i subjected to such misfortune?  

Anyway, i'm suffering from information overload today. I know nuts about retail industry and don't know a thing about the business flow, but the boss asked the seniors to bring me up to speed on the jobs and various projects in the shortest time possible. There are so many major projects running concurrently that one of the seniors was asked to offload some of her job to me, and her job deals with the current system that they are using, which is totally foreign to me and was developed with an ancient technology. They also expect me to play a major role in the implementation of the new system, which is something they thought i have the most expertise and the reason they hired me in the first place.

Oh boy, i knew that they wouldn't be paying me so much for nothing. The stress is certainly on now.


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