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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Getting ready for tomorrow

When i didn't blog for so long (actually hor, not very long lah... three days only mah), it could only mean that i was either too tied up with something that i couldn't find time to blog, or i was too lazy or tired to do it. This time, it was due to both.

Uh huh, i thoroughly enjoyed my four days of holiday, which is coming to an end very soon -- too soon. For the past three days, i was busy reading comics (still) and too lazy to write anything. I also didn't read any blogs, something that i do everyday since i got to know about the blogsphere. I didn't intentionally stay away from the blogsphere. It's just that reading comics is really addictive. Once i started reading a new comic, i just couldn't stop and didn't wanna do anything else except finish reading the whole series.

Anyway, never mind that. I'll get my act together for the new job. In fact, i've already done so today. I'm all set for a new beginning tomorrow. I have picked out the attire for my first day at work (which looks really sleek), packed up my new leather bag (which i bought with the free Takashimaya gift voucher), and unwrapped the new perfume to be used tomorrow (which was a gift from 贝 as a celebration for my new found job). I'll make myself really presentable tomorrow as i believe that first impression counts. I hope my new colleagues are good people. (Note to self: make sure to charm them with smiles.)

Hey, wait a minute, why am i behaving like a kid going to attend the first day of school tomorrow? Gee, i sure feel nervous. Despite having changed several jobs, i'm still apprehensive about working at a new place and meeting new people. So you can see that i'm so not cut out to do sales and marketing. That's why i'm still in business IT line.

Ok, i should really go to bed now. Must get my beauty sleep to look fresh tomorrow. Hope everything goes well tomorrow.


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